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By marksmith84, Nov 23 2017 12:27PM

Hey everyone. Hope your all well.

I am looking at setting up some public paranormal investigations for you to come and meet the Paranormal-X team and work with us, use our equipment, and even appear in our YouTube videos and LIVE streams.

There is also the option of not just meeting us, but also other well known and respected paranormal investigators around the UK. Some of which we have worked with before, and some new faces along the way too!

Locations will vary around the UK, be a mixture of indoor and outdoor reputedly haunted venues and paranormal hotspots, some of which are our personal faves you have seen us at before.

We are ofcourse always open to your suggestions too so if you would like us to visit a location near you, your own home or workplace, or anywhere you believe may be haunted and would like us to visit and you take part in the investigation, then please let us know!

Prices will vary from one location to another depending on the costs handed to us from certain venues, and to cover ever rising costs to keep the Paranormal-X team going, as we are self funded.

I really think this will go down well, and with a huge following already, this is the perfect chance for you to be part of the team, meet us, work with us, and hopefully have some paranormal experience to share with us and your family and friends!

If you would be interested in this then please leave your name below and I will do what I can for you to get this sorted.

- Mark

Nov 23 2017 01:52PM by Sarah Keillor

So super psyched for these to go ahead. But I would suggest plenty notice for events so that people can arrange to go :) x

Nov 23 2017 10:17PM by Anna Mallart

Hey Mark,
This sounds awesome, would love to be involved,with certain people and groups who have turned out to be “fake” in this field it left me very sceptical, so something like this I want to restore my faith in life after death,

Dec 1 2017 09:00AM by Thomas price

ive always wanted to see the prove with my own eyes instead if eatching videos something like this woukd be a great experience for me,can you please give me notice though so i can sort out travel etc i csnt wait

Sep 1 2019 08:34AM by Jena Mullins

I would love to go on a ghost hunt

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