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Paranormal-X merges website with Mark Smith Psychic Medium

By marksmith84, Aug 30 2017 04:44PM

Just a quick update, the original Paranormal-X website is now no more and will be taken down in the coming days. This is due to rising costs and will also allow us to keep everything you love and know about Paranormal-X in one place along with everything regarding Mark Smith psychic medium.

The Paranormal-X YouTube channel is NOT been deleted, closed or changed, Infact nothing else is changing at all, all private readings, group bookings, charity work, TV work, media work and corporate events, public and private paranormal investigations, merchandise and pretty much everything else I can think of is still here, now just under on website rather than two separate ones. All our social medis sites such as Facebook and Twitter will also remain the same as they always have done too.

This is also the first Blog on this website and we will update it weekly with new and exciting content that will come under the Paranormal-Xtra magazine section of this website!

Thanks for reading! - PX Team

Aug 30 2017 05:11PM by David Gillott


Aug 30 2017 05:32PM by Dianne

Hi mark read this about paranormal x do we just follow you under ur own site then will there still be live streams etc cause I cannot go with not following you xx

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