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My Services Update

By marksmith84, Aug 23 2018 06:09PM

Hey everyone! Sorry ive not posted here for a while! Been so busy and living a very hectic life as of late! Thankfully things seem to be looking up!

Anyway, the purpose of this short blog is to update you on my services and prices.

From now (23rd August 2018) all readings booked via my website are actually lower in price than if you were to pay cash on the day. For example, a private reading booked via my website is currently £40 per person, however if you were to not book and pay in advance, and simply pay cash on the day, then the price for that would increase to £50 per person. So booking and paying in advance via my website will save you £10 for every 1-2-1 home visit reading booked this way.

So, therefor, it is more beneficial to you if you book and pay in advance from here on in and save you some of your hard earned money!

All online readings are still the same price as they have always been as these have always been booked online and paid in advance anyway.

So if you wish to book a 1-2-1 home visit reading with me, I will now adivse you of both options above so you have the choice. All payments made on my website are done via PayPal for security and ease of payment. Even if you dont have a PayPal account or dont use PayPay, you can still pay with PayPal but use it as a guest instead.

Thankyou for reading and your support. Mark

Nov 19 2019 01:41AM by sue boyle

Happy 3rd birthday mark and the paranormal x team.well done.

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