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By marksmith84, Sep 3 2018 12:26PM

Does anyone know what day it is today?

It is Monday 3rd September 2018. Whats so special about that I hear you say?

Well, it was exactly 3 years ago to the day, that I took the plunge in the world of YouTube, and set up Paranormal-X. And what an amazing 3 years it has been!

Where do I start? At the beginning would be a good point :) Before PX was even set up, I was, and still am, a full time working Psychic Medium, and had a reasonably large following with my mediumship and spiritual work around the UK. But no body in the world had heard of Paranormal-X. It did not even exist! It was a huge step for me to extend my work with spirit and venture into the unknown and the paranormal. But I was encouraged by friends, mainly Lee Steer from Ghost Of Britain, who I had worked with quite alot in the past on many ghost hunting expeditions. And it is really him I have to thank for the inspiration to set up my own Paranormal team.

My goals for Paranormal-X, or what is now more commonly known as #PXTV, were to go to a few alleged haunted locations locally to where I lived, and recorded our findings and then share them to YouTube for family and friends to see. Our first ever upload was at Stocksbridge Bypass, near Sheffield, here in the UK. One of the UK's most haunted roads! Where else better to go!

After uploading I was amazed and shocked that a couple of hundred people, most of who I did not even know who they were, had watched and commented and left some really pleasant feedback for me. I was really took back that even people overseas had seen my mini film and took the time to post comments too!

As time went by, I continued to go out weekly to other alleged paranormal hotspots, and continued my work as a paranormal investigator and psychic medium and over the course of a month or so, the channel slowly started to grow. A couple of hundred views per video, was turning into 500 views a video, and more and more comments from people all around the world. I soon noticed that the subscriber count was almost at 1000 in no time at all! I was stunned and shocked when we made that very special mile stone and never in the world did I believe that there was all these people, from all over the world, asking for more videos, more investigations and really pushing me to go out and do more and more within the paranormal! It was a lovely feeling and it made me feel humbled inside.

As time went by, we continued our work, and yet again, the views, comments and subscribers were increasing at a steady pace. I was then contacted by BBTV and asked if I would like to enter a contract with them so they could promote my videos for me, and in return I get a small payout every month. I was unsure at first, but decided, that with the ever growing demand from our fans and viewers, that these investigations and videos were actually costing me money to make, so perhaps this would help cover some expenses. With that said, I signed the contact and im still with BBTV to this very day!

In the first year of PX, team members came and went, and we had many changes within the team, but despite the ups and downs, I continued my focus on Paranormal-X and doing my work as a psychic medium and paranormal investigator. And im so glad I did. I soon after reached the next big milestone of 10k subscribes in our first year of been on YouTube! I was delighted and very emotional to say the least!

In the second year of PX growth, 2016, I had a new guy come and join us, that was Simon. to keep this short, he was the best investigator I have ever seen and had the pleasure of working with. Sadly he recently left the team to further his own studies, but we wish him well and I am very grateful for everything he did for us and brought into the team. A top guy he is.

Anyway, people came and people left, we met many new faces and other like minded individuals within the paranormal community, some who we stay in contact with today, others not so much. But one thing that is still here is me. Holding the fort and pushing PX forwards every single day. We have also in the second year of growth, met and worked with many other YouTubers, such as good friend Proving Demons (Andrew), who as you know, is as legit and real as it comes with his work. Also friend and respected skeptic, Lee Steer from Project Reveal / Ghosts Of Britain, again, a top guy with real passion for the field, who is the one who inspired me to set up PX. There have been others too but these two are the main ones and without a doubt, the two who have really been there for me and supported the channel and team in ways I could never have thought possible. The power of friendship!

In our time here, we have also seen many stunning and beautiful locations around the UK, some haunted, some not so much, and others not at all. But the memories I have are all tucked up in my heart and something I will never forget and im sure these amazing stories will be handed down to future generations. It has been a incredible experience to get into some of the most haunted and highly active locations I have ever seen. I feel blessed that I have had that opportunity as I know so many others out there would love to go to these places and see what I have seen with my own eyes.

Moving forwards we continued to grow and soon smashed the 20k subscribers, 30k subscribers and 40k subscribers though 2017 and into 2018! at each milestone I again was amazed at how things had grown! I looked back and recalled the first time I uploaded my Stocksbridge Bypass video and how we had a few hundred views and a hand full of comments, to what was now thousands of views and thousands of comments on almost every video! I was truly blown away with what Paranormal-X had become. It was no longer just a place to just upload paranormal videos and our evidence of the afterlife. It was a full blown community of friends, like minded individuals and followers from the four corners of the earth. With over 1.5 million visitors to our channel in year one and two alone!

Which leads me on to this...

The most important thing I have to say today. Despite visiting some of the most stunning and beautiful locations I have ever been to, working with some of the most respected individuals in the field, becoming good friends with others such as Proving Demons and Lee Steer to name a few, and having all things holy scared out of me at times with the work I do and situations I have put myself in for paranormal science, the most incredible thing that means the absolute world to me, apart from my 4 beautiful children I am blessed with ofcourse and life itself, is YOU!

No longer are you just a subscriber, a number, a viewer, but you are all a valued and much loved member of the PXTV community. An awful lot of you have been here from day one and still here today, showing your support to us. Many have come along since and regularly get involved in live streams and our social media pages. Some of you I am blessed with because you give your own time up to come and mod for us on YouTube and manage the small minority who try to spoil it for everyone else. You guys do a phenomenal job and are extremely valued to PX!

We are now fast approaching the next big milestone of 50,000 PX family members on this channel and that is mind blowing to say the least! It is here where I must give the biggest thanks, to each and everyone of you for your support and love to us, because without YOU, no amount of paranormal activity we capture would matter, because it would never be seen! It is YOU who I am thanking from the bottom of my heart and with every ounce of my soul for making PXTV what it is today. You guys have seen me at we highest and lowest in life, you have seen me laugh, you have seen me cry and be on my knees, you have seen me scared and you have seen me embrace all things paranormal. YOU are more of a family to me than my own. Its every single one of you who give me the desire to now push this channel to whole new hights and the keep breaking the boundaries within the unknown. I honestly cant thankyou all enough for everything you have done and continue to do. You guys really are the best friends anyone could have asked for in life. And I really mean that!

I must however, not forget to thank the spirit people too, as without them, well I guess there would be no paranormal activity at all! Godbless them and I thank them all too. <3

Now, to end on, today is the 3rd Birthday of Paranormal-X, and if you would be kind enough to leave a birthday wish, I would have the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the day while im video editing our next upload for you all! Heres to the beautiful PX family, heres to you, heres to the spirit world and heres to the future! Let us all keep lighting the path of truth and remember the core value of PX, to keep it 100 percent real, 100 percent of the time, always, with no exceptions. You only get one life in this field and when you fake it, its game over.

Hip hip, hurray! Happy 3rd Birthday to us, to you and to each other. Godbless and godspeed each and every one of you. Love you. Mark. XXX

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