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Mark Smith Psychic Medium

My Story

mark smith psychic medium

My journey with spirit began when I was invited on a local ghost hunt in Sheffield many years ago.


I went to this event with a open mind, but to be honest, I was really a non believer in the spirit world and the occult. Once this paranormal investigation began, everything you could imagine to happen at one of these ghostly events, did happen, and a lot of it was centered around me!


There was a medium there that night, he approached me, asked me if it was OK to speak to me, and then proceeded to fetch my grandfather through from spirit with such amazing accuracy and basically told me that I myself was a medium, but at the time I did not know it.


Not long after this event, I decided to go to my local spiritual church in Rotherham. I attended many open circles and also some awareness classes and to cut a long story short, many years pass, and in that time I have now brought thousands and thousands of messages from spirit to people all over the UK. I have also attended hundreds of paranormal investigations over the years and worked as leading psychic medium for a number of paranormal groups across South Yorkshire.


I often work in peoples homes giving one to one private readings, but also do see larger groups and have even been seen working in much bigger venues such as clubs and theatres around the UK too showing my demonstrations of mediumship to audiences of hundreds.


I offer many services from private readings, to spiritual cleansing of your home, from parties to corporate events and also host paranormal investigations for you to come along to too. I am also a fully trained paranormal investigator and can help you with all aspects of paranormal activity and hauntings in your home, work place or anywhere there is a believed to be a haunting.


Knowing my work with spirit has helped and healed so many, is what inspires me to continue my work as a professional spirit medium and bring the two worlds closer.


Mark is also founder of Paranormal-X. A group of paranormal investigators based in South Yorkshire. This team was set up by Mark to try to bring science and the psychic world closer together by providing evidence of the afterlife on more of  a scientific basis. Please check out these links here: PARANORMAL-X and here: PARANORMAL-X TV.


I am also have a recognized diploma in Parapsychology, I am member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and also a member of the The International Association of NLP and Coaching.